Seeking Use Case

A vast amount of opportunities exist in today’s knowledge economy, most of which are un-touched, under utilised and wasted as there is limited technology available to monetise them.
The lost opportunity represents 10’s of thousands or 100’s of thousands of dollars to businesses, individuals and billions of dollars to the global market.
Canlead offers a platform that combines three major capabilities; Opportunity, Referral and Networking. Now anyone can sign up and use the ‘opportunity & referral’ mobile app to post opportunities, make referrals and collect rewards.

Follow Your Leaders, Get Referred Faster

A personal recruitment experience you can trust.

Tap a button, get a referralWe use your professional skills and location to suggest relevant opportunities and leaders.

No unwanted messages or requestsGet notified of unique referral opportunities from your leaders and when there is a match. Request for a referral opportunity whenever you're ready and on your terms.

From online to offlineGet in touch with your leaders anytime, pick a time to meet and open up a new world of referral opportunities.

How To Seek For A New Opportunity

In this example, John is seeking for a new job, he follows Chris, a Leader (referrer) in order to get a job referral. Chris find and refers John to his network of Hosts such as Paula, thereafter, the normal candidate selection process takes place.

1. Become a candidateYou can switch to seeking whenever you're ready to seek new opportunities.

2. Follow your leadersCandidates are incentivised to join a free service, follow their leaders and get referred to unique opportunities.

3. Accept a referralAn acceptance of a referral is an obligation to take it through to a successful transaction.

4. Attend a meetingBusiness meetings, interviews and contract negotiations can take place offline and outside of the Canlead platform.