Referring Use Case

A vast amount of opportunities exist in today’s knowledge economy, most of which are un-touched, under utilised and wasted as there is limited technology available to monetise them.
The lost opportunity represents 10’s of thousands or 100’s of thousands of dollars to businesses, individuals and billions of dollars to the global market.
Canlead offers a platform that combines three major capabilities; Opportunity, Referral and Networking. Now anyone can sign up and use the ‘opportunity & referral’ mobile app to post opportunities, make referrals and collect rewards.

Refer With Canlead, Make Money On Your Terms

Your social and professional network belongs to you.

Make money on your termsYou can refer and make as much as you want, and the more you refer, the more you could make. Plus, your referral fees get deposited in to your pay-in account.

Set your own paceYou can refer on the Canlead app anytime and anywhere. There’s no office and no boss - you are in charge. You've got complete flexibility to work around your life.

Let the app lead the wayDiscover unique opportunities then tap to refer your friends or quality candidates. Don’t wait to start making money - sign up today and you'll be referring in no time.

How To Find And Refer Opportunities

In this example, Chris is a freelancer and a Leader (referrer) working at Citibank, he can search for the relevant jobs that matched his friend’s profile (John) on the Canlead platform. Chris refers John to Paula, thereafter, the normal candidate selection process takes place. Paula pays the referral fee to Chris after John has started his first day.

1. Become a leaderBy default, Canlead will create a leader profile for you during the signing up process. You can switch to hosting whenever you're ready to create and host your referral opportunities or become a candidate if you are seeking for new opportunities.

2. Refer a friend or candidateLeaders are incentivised to discover and refer quality candidates to their hosts. Leaders are expected to lead the process with professionalism and earn their rewards.

3. Collect a referral feeA referral fee is paid into your pay-in account by your host after the contract is signed or the probation period is passed.