Recruitment Agency Use Case

Canlead is the first three-sided marketplace created specifically for the ‘man in the middle’ sharing economy where small, medium and large recruitment agency staff can post their job or service opportunities, and leveraging their existing network of referrers to make referrals. Freelancers and agencies can benefit from using the Canlead opportunity and referral platform to improve their productivity and earn more money.

Referral Job BoardReach your network of referrers and talents via the Canlead referral board and platform.

Referral MarketplaceA marketplace where referrers connect talents to opportunities they find online. Make more referrals to earn more money.

3rd Party Tool IntegrationIntegrate with 3rd party tools such as Broadbean. Contact the support team and request for new integrations.

Canlead is an opportunity sharing and referral platform built for the community. Canlead aggregates adverts or listings from other tools via its third party integrator (API). To learn  more about Canlead’s product, please visit our website.
The typical activities are:
  • The customer requests their staff or freelancers to create a Canlead user account and login to use the Canlead mobile app.
  • User login to their existing tools and publish their referral adverts or opportunities they have to Canlead.
  • Or the user can login to Canlead as a Host when they have a referral advert or opportunity to publish.
  • The user can switch to one of the three user roles (Host, Leader and Candidate) depending on their requirements; hosting, referring and seeking.
  • The Host will be able to see from the Canlead platform which adverts or opportunities have been listed.
  • When the Host receives a referral from the Leader (referrer), they will be able to accept or decline the offer.
  • If the Host accepts the offer then the normal negotiation or interview process will take place.
  • Once the Candidate had sign the contract or pass the probation the Host can transfer the referral fee to the Leader (referrer).