Hosting Use Case

A vast amount of opportunities exist in today’s knowledge economy, most of which are un-touched, under utilised and wasted as there is limited technology available to monetise them.
The lost opportunity represents 10’s of thousands or 100’s of thousands of dollars to businesses, individuals and billions of dollars to the global market.
Canlead offers a platform that combines three major capabilities; Opportunity, Referral and Networking. Now anyone can sign up and use the ‘opportunity & referral’ mobile app to post opportunities, make referrals and collect rewards.

Host Your Opportunities With Canlead

There is no catch when you share opportunities with your friends and community – here is how Hosts are incentivised.

Referral is the secret to great hiring and sellingFind and work with talented freelance leaders. Let your leaders help you grow your network of valuable leads and candidates.

Save time, effort and moneyStreamline your referral processes with Canlead technology to save time and effort. Take control of your processes and hire quality candidates faster.

Ratings and reviewsRate your leaders, candidates and provide feedback about your experience. Your input helps us make every transaction a 5-star experience.

How To Post Your Opportunities

In this example, Paula is a recruiter, an employee of ABCJobs and a Host, she can post a simple job description with a $1,000 referral fee on the Canlead platform. The Leaders (referrers) on the platform will find and refer the relevant candidates from their network to Paula, thereafter, the normal candidate selection process takes place.

1. Become a hostYou can switch to hosting whenever you're ready to host your referral opportunities.

2. Create a listingHosts are incentivised to create well presented job, product and service opportunities.

3. Accept a referralAn acceptance of a referral is a legal binding, so you are obliged to take it through to a successful transaction.

4. Pay a referral feeThe hosts pay the referral fees to the leaders after the contract is signed or the probation period is passed.