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November 2018 Newsletter – Tokenizing Opportunities


The management team has been working hard last October to build a local engineering team in Spain while involving in knowledge transfer with our existing offshore software development partner based in Vietnam.

Peter Gold, a HR-tech industry advisor has joined the Canlead advisory board. Peter will provide thought leadership on HR-tech, an industry that is lacking innovation, particularly related to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Irina Spekman, our strategic advisor, is working hard to fundraise the initial capital to ensure Canlead delivers a successful ICO project.


In an effort to improve our brand, we have revamped the ICO website with a new skin and additional features. An airdrop page has been created to guide members when they participate in the airdrop and how they can be  effective. We aim to build a large community of fans and app users as quickly as possible.

A token sale page has been developed and is being integrated to the smart contract. We have shortlisted a number of airdrop and bounty service providers, and will be selecting one to run our campaign.


The Canlead platform (beta version) is undergoing testing, the Euro currency is being added to the payment module, this will give the users the option to transact in GBP, USD and Euro.

The application infrastructure is being validated, the Amazon AWS and DevOps capability is in place to auto-scale the Canlead platform to support up to 20,000 users. We are expecting 10,000 users to sign up to use the application during the airdrop and bounty campaign.

The team is working on integrating the Canlead platform with the ICO website to monitor and track the performance of the ICO project.


People we met are excited about Canlead, particularly when we described our future roadmap; adopting A.I. and blockchain. Richard Snarey of is keen to test the Canlead platform with one of their blue collar recruitment services.

Qindel, our existing partner is testing and adopting the Canlead platform once the Euro currency is supported.

We are making gradual progress within the blockchain community, gaining valuable insights and forming partnerships such as Cverification.

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