About Us

Who Are We
Canlead Limited is a privately held company (reg no. 10524761) headquartered in London that operates an online business development and employment marketplace which is accessible via its websites and mobile apps. Members can use the service to post business opportunities such as a job, product or service and make referrals to earn extra income. Canlead does not own any job, product or service listings, nor does it employ any recruiters or marketers — Canlead receives commissions from every referral.
Canlead is committed to building a Web 3.0 sharing economy platform and contributing to the 4th industrial revolution. As a result, Canlead is investing in the future development of the distributed ledger technology, blockchain, A.I. and leading the community towards a better and smarter future.
Our Vision and Mission
Recommendations, referrals and word of mouth have been the norm in how people refer other people to unique opportunities since the beginning of their existence. Today, technology advancement has reached a juncture where an opportunity could be tokenized, shared, referred and earned in a decentralised network. With this realisation, Canlead aims to incentivise people to share and earn from any opportunity they may find on-chain.